Special assortment Ficus

De Wilgenlei aims to put together a unique assortment! Creating distinctive character and protecting it by having the rights to produce these beautiful products under plant breeders' rights. On the other hand, it is possible that the cultivation discipline offers the right threshold for us to include a product in our assortment.


De Wilgenlei has been active in the cultivation of potted plants since 1980, and Ficus has been a speciality of De Wilgenlei for many years. In the future, De Wilgenlei will continue to look for other forms of planting within its own crops. Research is being carried out into new crops and a great deal of work is being done on how to remain a market player in the rapidly changing market.

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Ficus Cyathistipula

Potsize: 21 cm
Length: 100 - 110 cm
Availability: year-round
VBN code: 9310

Care tips:

The Cyathistipula is a strong Ficus that can also withstand shade quite well. Water the plant once a week, depending on the weather and the location.

We don’t know what to say about it, it’s

Ficus Lyrata

Potsizes: 17 cm - 21 cm

Length: 100 - 110 cm

Availability: year-round

VBN code: 9308

Care tips:

Ficus Lyrata likes to stand on a sunny spot and in summer half in the shade. In winter it needs to be watered once a week, in summer it could be twice a week. 

Ficus Altissima

Potsize: 21 cm
Length: 65 - 75 cm
Availability: limited
VBN code: 122793

Care tips: 

Ficus Everest is a plant that needs extra attention, especially in winter. Make sure the plant gets as much light as possible and check at the underside of the potcup whether the plant is moist enough.


Ficus Benghalensis 'Roy'

Potsize: 21 cm
Length: 100 - 110 cm
Availability: year-round
VBN code: 118374

Care tips: 

The Ficus Benghalensis Roy would like to stand in a sunny spot and have water once a week.

Just a regular green monday... 💚🌱 #fic

Ficus Umbellata

Potsize: 21 cm
Length: 80 cm
Availability: limited
VBN code: -

Care tips:

The Ficus Umbellata is a new variety within our range and chosen for its strength. The plant wants a sunny spot and 1 x per week water.

W E  L O V E  F I C U S  A U D R E Y 💚�

Ficus Benghalensis 'Audrey'

Pots: 17 cm
Hoogte: 45 - 55 cm

Availability: August - January
VBN: 114768

Care tips: 

This strong Ficus needs the same care as other species, 1 x per week water and on a sunny spot.

Ficus Binnendijkii 'Amstel King'

Potsize: 21 cm
Length: 100 cm
Availability: limited
VBN code: 11376

Care tips:

The Amstel King is often used for interior planting. The plant is very strong and can have both sun and shade. Per week 1 x watering is enough.

Old leaves are green, young leaves are r

Ficus Microcarpa 'Moclame'

Potsize: 17 cm
Length: 70 cm
Availability: October - February
VBN code: 13311

Care tips:

The Moclame is easy to care for and can be placed in a sunny or shady spot. Like other species, the plant needs water once a week.

An organized jungle of Ficus ‘Microcarpa