About De Wilgenlei

De Wilgenlei is a supplier of floricultural products, always looking for unique and improved product properties for the benefit of the consumer. 

About De Wilgenlei...

'Always looking for new products'.

De Wilgenlei aims to put a unique assortment together! Creating distinctive character and protecting it by having the rights to produce these beautiful products under plant breeders' rights. On the other hand, it is possible that the cultivation discipline offers the right threshold for us to include a product in our assortment.


De Wilgenlei has been active in the cultivation of potted plants since 1980, and Ficus has been a speciality of De Wilgenlei for many years. Over the years, De Wilgenlei has developed an extra main crop: the Hibiscus. It is produced in various sizes and shapes and is marketed under the name HibisQs ®, where the distinction is made by longer flowering, larger flowers, and hard colors. 


In the future, De Wilgenlei will continue to look for other forms of plant within its own crops. Research is being carried out into new crops and a great deal of work is being done on the question of how to remain a market player in the rapidly changing market.


At De Wilgenlei we work with a professional team full of experience. Our common goal is to give every plant the attention it deserves in a sustainable and traditional cultivation method. As a result, we make consumers happy with a beautiful plant from De Wilgenlei BV.

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Robin van der Knaap


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Sales & Commerce

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Cultivation & advice

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Cultivation & organisation

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